Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On McFadden's duct tape

I didn't get the chance to put this in my certification hearing story - which, with any luck, will run before the general election - but it turns out Upper Prov. Republican Thomas McFadden has a fair sense of humor about himself.
McFadden, you might remember, got pretty damn nasty with Bill Thomas at the last election board hearing, dropping an eff-bomb in Thomas's face so laced with venom I think it killed half the flowers in the room.
Of course I put it in the story. I had to - it was the most interesting thing that happened that day and reminded me of the good ol' Paula Brown days when I was covering Darby.
McFadden (described by a fellow GOPer as a "pitbull" of a candidate) was back for the certification hearing. He didn't say a thing to me nor I to him, but I did notice at one point that he showed someone a roll of duct tape, indicating it was for his own mouth.
Woulda been a better gag if he actually wore it on his face through the whole hearing, but I'll still give him an 'E' for effort.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Abbot and Costello and House and 13

During a commercial for the upcoming Transformers movie, my ladyfriend remarked that "actress" Megan Fox had landed #2 on Maxim's annual "Hot 100" list.
When I asked who made number one, she replied, "Thirteen, Olivia Wilde."
Me: "But who made number one?"
Ladyfriend: "Olivia Wilde. Thirteen."
Me: Puzzled looks.

I don't watch the teledrama House on the Fox TV, but apparently Olivia Wilde plays a character named, for reasons I can only imagine are horribly contrived, "13."

Once this was explained to me, we finished setting our baseball roster.